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                   This is a tribute / memorial page to Mary Keokee Monroe, a 17 year old girl from Cleveland, Ohio that died in 1866. She came from one of Cleveland's wealthy pioneer families. Her father Nelson Monroe & her mother Mary E. Luther were wealthy grocers from New York. They lived in a mansion they built on Millionaries Row / Cleveland's Euclid Avenue. They suffered the loss of 7 children total.  All but Mary, died still birth or died a few days later.  Nelson died in his early 50's, then Mary died at 17 leaving her mother alone in her wealth to travel.  Mrs. Monroe suffered horrific loss by losing everyone in her family. I  think it must have been hard for her after no matter how much money she had. She donated a lot of it to  minorities, african american  baptist churches & the Lenni Lenapi Indian tribe of the midwest.  In fact, KEOKEE  means  " OUR DAUGHTER  " in that language. Mrs. Monroe did a lot of charity & missionary work.  They were originally buried in Erie Street Cemetery in a friends mausoleum, The Bradburn Vault, until Marys mom could get The Monroe Plot at Woodland Cemetery all together for them. About 4 years after Mary died, she and all 6 of her brothers & sisters , & her father were moved to Woodland Cemetery. Marys mother joined them decades later. She had an angel made of marbe sculpted & imported from Italy with the image of Marys profile carved on it & her last words also put on it - WHEN I GO OVER THE RIVER I SHALL SING . It was known at the time as a ' work of art' for a cemetery  at that time & people came to visit often. I take care of this gravesite. I consider Mary & this angel to be my personal gaurdian angels. I do have a personal story about this , it is added on another page here if you are interested called ' My personal story~ by Jennifer Leder.'  This angel / tombstone also seems to have some paranormal qualities. In it's history , it has been stolen twice & returned twice, It was damaged in the 70's & also that last time it was stolen in 1991 & returned with my help in 2000. She points toward Heaven while she looks down at Marys picture.  I make sure every summer that I weed, clean  & plant flowers to make their plot as beautiful as possible. I do this to keep their memory alive. RIP

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